The Vanishing Old West - Jerome

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the vanishing old west - jerome

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The Wild West is one of the most popular and endearing periods of American history, and you can still see remnants of this exciting time. Ghost towns, historic sites and amazing legends can be found all over the Southwest.

Arizona is at the heart of the Wild West, and 2012 was its Centennial. Experience the Old West by explore the great historic city of Jerome.

This former mining town went from being called The West's Wickedest City to The Worlds Largest Ghost City when all mining stopped in 1953. Jerome is now a diverse artist's community. But look a little deeper and you'll see the amazing history of this town. Buildings and homes that are over 100 years old, mining equipment and cars from the turn of the century and much more.

Look at The Vanishing Old West - Jerome as a window into the past. See how people lived very nicely in small homes; used machinery, cars and trucks that had an artistic flair; and were more a part of the fabric of life and Nature than most of us are today. Days were simpler, things moved at a more leisurely pace and every aspect of a person's life was more visceral and alive.

Sit back and enjoy this trip through Arizona's rich history, and realize that everything you see here will some day be gone, forever.

The Vanishing Old West - Jerome will show you that parts of the Old West still exist. You can see and touch it. Get a feel of what it was like to raise a large family, or run a business, in a building that's smaller than most modern home's living rooms. History is still alive, still around you. The Vanishing Old West - Jerome gives you a better understanding of Arizona's past, and shows you the amazing pieces of history that can be found in Jerome.

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